Heineken will work with renewable energy in Mexico

By Valeria Bigurra Peñavera

With this the company demonstrates its commitment to the environment.

Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma (CM) / Heineken announced a few days ago that one of their new goals is that two thirds of the electricity they use to come from renewable sources.


The company has decided to take this action because of the commitment made in the Energy Reform, which states that 35% of the energy should come from clean technologies, and is now evaluating local firms to become suppliers as part of its strategy for 2020.

Blanca Brambila, sustainability manager of the company said, quoted in a Forbes article that people of operations is evaluating different companies that will produce energy through renewable sources. They are looking at different options of supplier, because what happens is that companies generate the resource, and put it into the national grid and they will hire energy that comes from these sources.

In 2015 the company invested about 140 million pesos in processes and best practices of the six plants that it have, as well as in malting and an ice maker. In addition to that it allocated 81 million pesos to social responsibility.

The company has based its strategy in six basis points: water protection, reducing CO2 emissions, responsible supply, intelligent consumer, health and safety, and community. For 2020 they expect to reduce carbon emissions by 40% in the production chain, 50% in cooling and 20% in distribution.


During 2014 the company achieved to use 3.4 liters of water per liter of beer, and in 2015 the figure reached 3.3 in Mexico, despite the fact that the international average of Heineken is 3.7 liters. They also planted trees on 130 hectares in the basin of the San Juan River in Nuevo Leon.

Another achievement that the company had was the implementation of maritime shipments to export products to the East Coast of the United States, as during 2014, 100% was shipped by land, and now 30% is done by sea, which helped significantly to reduce CO2 emissions.

With these achievements the brewing company has improved its customer service and inventory control on exports to the United States.


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