Mexican creating gasoline with garbage

By Valeria Bigurra Peñavera

An excellent alternative to the country's gasoline problems

Gerardo Nungaray Benítez is a Mexican entrepreneur and inventor from Zacatecas, who has created an alternative to generate gasoline and diesel using plastic waste.


In view of the current problems in the country regarding gasoline price increases, this could be an excellent solution, as well as to help to solve the problem of the excess of garbage that exists in municipal dumps.

Nungaray is director of the company EcoInnova, and he seeks to make Zacatecas the first entity in the country to produce fuel - up to 79 octane - with waste derived from petroleum, such as plastic, and used oil, among many others.


This invention took the entrepreneur more than 10 years, and now he is seeking the authorization of the installation of a micro refinery in the state, for which he will need a financing of 18 million pesos, and which will have the capacity to produce 9 thousand Liters of gas daily.

The project works quite simply because the fuel generation occurs through the pyrolysis process, which consists of heating the plastics to a certain temperature until they become gas; and subsequently it condenses to generate the liquid.

The plastics are made with petroleum, and what is sought is to return the material to its natural state in order to give it another utility.


In order to generate gasoline through this invention any type of plastics can be used, except the so-called PETs, which are used in water bottles and soft drinks, however other objects such as bags, and even nylon, polyester and electronic waste, clothing, and carpets, among others, can be used.

Nungaray is currently seeking the support of state and federal authorities, but he says that if he does not receive it, he is willing to seek funding through crowdfounding, as well as partner with investors who are interested in the project.


Finally, given the announcement of the increase in gasoline prices and the shortage that has occurred in several states of the republic, the businessman says that this is the time to resort to productive and ecological alternatives for fuel generation.


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