Oregano VS. Microbes?

By Andrea Hablutzel Pelayo

Antimicrobial properties discovered in oregano leafs

Along the lines of the natural resources optimization technology investigation conducted by Dr. Maria Gallegos Vazquez, professor and investigator in the Engineering Department in ITTux, interesting tests have been made on French oregano, with amazing results.

oregano R

Students and investigators of the Technology Institute in Tuxtepec, in collaboration with the Technologic University of Central Veracruz, studied French oregano’s properties with the intention of turning it into a natural food preservative.

The main goal of the investigation is to determine the properties of the region’s natural resources and to offer different alternatives of their use; given that this is a very common plant in that area, they were interested in knowing it better and apply its properties.

These tests demonstrated that this type pf oregano possesses anti-fungal properties as well as antimicrobial, this is great green news because it means that it could substitute chemical conservatives used in food preparation.

microscope R

The essential oils from the oregano leafs possess components that inhibit bacteria and funguses from growing on food, as well as delaying minimally the appearance of yeast.

According to the Dr’s observations, the plants that receive the most sunlight are the ones with the most fat extract from their leafs; this makes them ideal for what they are looking for.

The investigation continues in ITTux labs, where tests are being made on different foods to determine the retardation of the bacteria and fungus growth, it is expected to soon be utilized as a natural additive that will replace chemical preservatives.


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