“VÍA VERDE”, wants to clean out the air in CDMX

By Valeria Bigurra Peñavera

A few weeks ago it was unveiled the VIA VERDE project, which aims to create vertical gardens in the columns of the second floor of the ringway in Mexico City

This initiative arose because of the problems that have occurred in the city recently regarding poor air quality, since there is too much pollution, and this creates diseases in society.


Mexico City is not the first city to experience such a problem, as London, Paris and Madrid also have had to take steps to improve the quality of the air they breathe because of excessive pollution.

The Via Verde project has been released through the social networks of Mexican celebrities like Fernanda Castillo, Luis Gerardo Mendez and Roberto Carlos, among many others, who invite the public to sign the petition at www.change.org

In the project site is reported that the World Health Organization recommended that there should be a minimum of 9 m2 of green area per capita in the urban centers to prevent respiratory diseases and maintain a good life quality.

However, currently in Mexico City there are only 5.3 m2 of green area per inhabitant, representing a deficit of 3.7 m2 per person, and because the loss of these areas is a virtually irreversible process, this initiative proposes to create vertical gardens and green roofs.

The project includes the installation and maintenance of more than 40,000 m2 of vertical gardens in more than 700 columns on the second floor of the ringway, which would generate multiple environmental benefits for residents, plus positively change the urban image of one of the busiest roads of CDMX.

VÍA VERDE aims to produce enough oxygen for more than 25,000 citizens, in addition to filtering more than 27,000 tons of harmful gases, capturing more than 5,000 kg of suspended powders and process more than 10,000 kg of heavy metals per year.

According to the project site, gardens will have an automated irrigation system and a remote monitoring system to keep the vegetation in excellent condition, plus the water used in the project will come from the rain caught on the bearing surface of the second floor, and if necessary, it will be supplemented with treated water.

This is a citizens' initiative, so it still needs some permissions and budget, however, if it happens, it will really help improve the current situation of Mexico City.

To learn more about the Via Verde project you can enter the web site www.change.org/viaverde


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