Songs to celebrate the Day of the Dead

By Valeria Bigurra Peñavera

Day of the Dead is one of the most representative dates of Mexican traditions, is a day when people can honor their dead, and the dead can visit their loved ones.

This celebration of Mesoamerican origin is held on November 1 and 2, the first being known as the day of "All Saints", in which we remind all people who are in heaven, and which is normally used to remember the kids.


On November 2 all those who are no longer with us are celebrated in a colorful holiday that reminds us that death is not the end.

Among dead altars and typical foods of the date we can not forget another of the most representative things of Mexico: The Music.

There are hundreds of songs about death, or simply that are heard in the streets during these days, because we should not forget that more than a nostalgic day to remember the lost ones, this day is used to celebrate death.


Here we leave our Top 5 songs to celebrate the Day of the Dead:

1.La Bruja

This Son Jarocho was composed by Jose Gutierrez and the Ochoa Brothers, and talks about a spinster woman who goes in search of men, to catch them and make them hers. Behind its letter is a somewhat dark legend about a woman known as "The Witch of the Huasteca", very popular in Veracruz.

2.La Llorona

It is a Mexican Isthmian Son, characteristic of the Tehuantepec isthmus in Oaxaca. The author is not known, but many performers have created or copied verses that make a story of love and pain, very representative of the time of the Mexican Revolution.

La Llorona refers to a Mexica goddess: the Cihuacóatl. Legend has, that in the great Tenochtitlan, before the arrival of the Spaniards, her cry was heard, weeping for her children, the Mexica, knowing the terrible future that awaited them with the conquest.


3.El día de Muertos

In this piece of music you can perceive the idea that Indians had about death, plus, it talks about the pain caused by unrequited love. This romantic song is performed by the songbooks or "pireris" during the celebration of All Saints day.

4.La Calaca

Written by Jose Hernandez and immortalized Amparo Ochoa, it talks about what happens in the "Pantheon of Dolores", the largest Mexico City. Its lyrics talk about different events that revolve around death, or The "Calaca".

5.Viene la muerte echando rasero

This song also talks about death and how regardless of color, race, religion, age, or anything, it is something that will reach everyone one of us.

The vision that we Mexicans have on death, is that it is not something that we should fear, is simply a process of life, and perhaps celebrating it, is also a way to celebrate life, and remember all our loved ones, who are already with her.


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