An underwater Maya pyramid?

By Fernanda Duque Hernández

Ancient structures remain in the deep water of the cenotes from the Yucatan Peninsula

The ancient habitants of the Yucatan Peninsula believed that the cenotes were a kind of passage to the Maya underworld but, now, underwater explorers, like archeologist Guillermo de Anda Alanis, see in this caves a time machine to travel to the past, because inside these amazing natural formations were found a lot of treasures, such as the remains of an ancient pyramid.

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The National Geographic’s explorer tells to Mexico News Network that, five years ago, he and his team were on an expedition to identify ritual places in the Yucatan Peninsula; in their way, they found an unusual cave, what they found inside of it was shocking.

The archeologist says that, they were no more than 60 meters away from the entrance of the cave, when they found a very deep cenote; but surprises didn’t stop there, because inside of it were the remains of a Maya construction.

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This particular [discovery] is weird”, said De Anda Alanis. “Finding structure, ornaments and even hieroglyphic writing in the water is quite unique… this was the beginning of our investigation of a probable drought or a catastrophic climate change event in the late classic period”.

So far research shows that before the collapse of the pyramid, the structure –which was constructed inside the cave-, might have been eight meters high and it was probably a worship place for deity of the Maya underworld related to death.

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Among the remains of the prehispanic building, two columns, of about 500 kilograms each, were identified at 60 meters deep in the water. Due to the difficult access to the site, the research still goes on and archeologists hope to find more pieces of this ancient puzzle.

Guillermo de Anda Alanis states that the project of the Great Maya Aquifer might reveal more details about this structure; moreover, he mentioned that, very soon, he will publish a book about this and other researches, along with the Mexican National Anthropology Institute (INAH) and the Aspen Institute.


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