First underwater museum of Europe inspired in Cancun’s MUSA

By Notimex Monday, January 16, 2017 comments


The museum is located in Lanzarote, Spain


On the southern coast of the archipelago of Lanzarote, Spain, “Atlantic” was inaugurated, the first underwater museum in Europe, with a collection of 300 sculptures, replicating the importance of the art of conservation, promoted by the Underwater Museum Of Art (MUSA), located on the coasts of Cancun and Isla Mujeres.




As in the Mexican Caribbean, the objective of the new museum is that with the passage of time the sunken pieces will cover life, giving rise to the creation of an artificial reef.




“To be a reminder that the oceans and climate of our planet are changing and humanity needs to take immediate action to protect them before it’s too late,” said the sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor, who in 2009 also collaborated with MUSA.




The artistic work carried out in Spain has been one of the largest made by the British, as they include a wall of 100 tons and 30 meters in length, the sculpture of a botanical garden and more than 200 human figures of real size.




Submerged more than two thousand meters deep, the 12 sculptural groups are already frequented by various species such as angel sharks, barracudas, sardines, octopuses, marine sponges and butterfly rays, who are curious about the new concrete structures.




Those who can also enjoy the Atlantic Museum of Lanzarote, are tourists, who can already get to know and explore this underwater museum through snorkeling or diving.