Salmon Taco takes the title of “best taco in Paris”

The dish participated in the “Taco Challenge” at the gastronomic festival “Qué Gusto”

By Redacción MNN Thursday, June 28, 2018 comments

The Parisiene restaurant-taquería Bocamexa has won the award of best taco at the “Taco Challenge” as part of celebrating the IV edition of the  gastronomic festival “Qué Gusto” in Paris, thanks to its taco of salmon confit with a chipotle mayonnaise.

This taco was selected by an online poll in which more than a thousand people voted along with a specialized jury, and it was one of the dishes presented by 11 restaurants and taquerias of Paris.

Chef Julien Zattara, founder of Bocamexa, said that with this novelty taco they wanted to offer something fresh and different, offering people something different to the meat tacos that are normally consumed.

The winning taco was created by Zattara in conjunction with two other members of his team, among whom is the Mexican cook Carlos Rejón, and as well as salmon, the ingredients were smoked chili, chipotle, olive oil, onions, cilantro and chipotle mayonnaise.

According to the creators, this taco could be added to the menu of the taquería if it is well accepted, so that anyone who visits one of the four venues of Bocamexa in the French capital can taste it.