Guillermo del Toro exhibition will arrive in Mexico

By Valeria Bigurra Tuesday, December 20, 2016 comments


In it, attendees will get a taste of the world of this acclaimed Mexican director


A few days ago, Mexican director Guillermo del Toro announced through his social media accounts that his exhibition “At Home with Monsters” will arrive in Mexico by 2018.


GDT1Original image, source: Guillermo del Toro official Twitter page


Before this happens, the exhibition will visit the cities of Minnesota, United States and Toronto, Canada, and in each place it will remain for 8 months, during which the inhabitants will be able to enjoy a part of the rather unique world the Mexican director has created through a very particular aesthetic in his films.


GDT3Original image, source: Guillermo del Toro official Twitter page


“At Home with Monsters” includes more than 500 drawings, models, statues and paintings, as well as objects from other artists that have inspired the director and are now part of the exhibition; in it you will be able to see a bit of his creative process, which has led him to create films such as Pan´s Labyrinth, The Devil’s Backbone and Hellboy.


GDT4Original image, source: Guillermo del Toro official Twitter page


This compendium of works exposes Del Toro’s great fascination with monsters, because as he exposes, they transport us to a different world, allowing us to see universes in which other forms of life are allowed, with other rules.


GDT2Original image, source: Guillermo del Toro official Twitter page


Monsters are, in a way, part of dreams, and the cinema is the place where dreams are made, so Guillermo del Toro´s movie characters are the inhabitants of his mind and his dreams coming to life. “At Home with Monsters”, more than an exhibition is a gateway to the creativity and conscious dreams of this acclaimed director.


GDT5Original image, source: Guillermo del Toro official Twitter page


There is still no date for the exhibition’s arrival in Mexico; however it is a fact that it will visit our country in 2018.