Top 10 – Exotic meals in Mexico (Part I)

Mexico’s most exotic cuisine (Part 1)

By Notimex Wednesday, September 3, 2014 comments

In Mexico we love eating! Giving in to the great selection of culinary delights the nation offers, is one of the things we love the most… Mind you, there are many exotic ingredients and dishes we absolutely love eating, which may not fall in to the conventional kind of meals; things such as insects, or animal parts that one generally doesn’t eat. In 2010 Mexican cuisine was recognized by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

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In this article, we’ll show you our top 10 of the most exotic and unusual dishes in Mexico:

10- Huitlacoche

Also known as “Mexican truffle” this fungus takes over the corn husks in rainy seasons. This dish was already known since the pre-Hispanic era, and it can infect corn plantations anywhere in the world: In France, USA and South America it is considered as a terrible pest that may cause that the entire crop is lost; but in Mexico it is a very popular dish, even considered as a delicacy.

huitlacoche_mexican food

09 – Cabrito

Cabrito is a typical dish from Monterrey which is prepared with a 30 or 40 days old goat breeding that is still breastfed and has never eaten grass; this is to makes their meat so tender that it melts in one’s mouth.

cabrito mexican dish

08 – Acociles

Acociles or Mexican river crabs, used to be an important source of protein for the Aztec civilization. Their shape and taste resemble that of a shrimp; they’re usually fried and served in tacos, and unlike shrimp, there’s no need to remove their head, limbs or shell.

Acociles mexico gastronomy

07 – Mondongo

Known as tripe or belly, this spicy broth is prepared with the stomach of a beef, and in some parts of Mexico a lamb stomach is also used. This dish is typically consumed on Sunday morning to fight a hangover caused for drinking alcohol.

mondongo mexican gastronomy

06 – Maguey Worm

Maguey worm is the larva of a butterfly that grows inside maguey. It is obtained from the center of the plant after rainy seasons, thus the extraction of 3 or 4 worms the maguey useless, so it has become a very expensive dish, only affordable for wealthy diners. Along withescamoles, maguey worm is the Mexican insect with a highest reputation in world cuisine.

gusano maguey mexican food