The story behind Florence + the Machine’s new album.

By Notimex Friday, June 26, 2015 comments

Mexico is a place where many people, local or foreign, have found creative inspiration. Drawing from this same source, Florence + the Machine’s latest album was inspired by the band’s trip to Yucatan, Mexico, as well as lead singer Florence Welch’s own love for Mexico.

The third day of the Glastonbury Festival at the Pyramid Stage is scheduled to be headlined by none other than Florence + the Machine, following the launch of their latest album “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful”, less than a month ago. The album was completely written by Welch, inspired mostly by her personal experiences as well as her appreciation for Mexico.

Welch is known for her abstract and often complex approach as an artist. She is frequently inspired by water, seeing it as “a place where emotion chaotically reigns.” During a trip, she was deeply moved by the water in a cenote – a type of deep freshwater hole supplied by underground currents and rivers widely found in the Yucatan Peninsula. The cenoteFlorence drew inspiration from is located in Yucatan and serves as the backdrop of the Ophil Amphitheater, which was designed by American artist, James Turell.

Florence Welch

Welch describes her experience poignantly in her album’s booklet, stating how she felt that she had brought “two sides” of herself on her journey. Upon arriving at the cenote, she realized these two sides could coexist there. These words perfectly describe the images of the video for the band’s new single “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful”, which was filmed at the Ophil Amphitheater.

Florence has previously shared that Mexico, particularly Mexican artist Frida Kahlo have provided much to create with. We hope that this will not be the last time she and the band visit Mexico for inspiration. The album has received positive reviews and has been high on the charts worldwide.

Florence the Machine