5 Fun St. Patrick’s Day Facts

The popular festivity is back with lots of fun and lots of beer

By Notimex Monday, March 16, 2015 comments

Good luck is in the atmosphere, a pot of gold can be found beneath the rainbow and there’s a green tide of clovers closing in. Some say that on March 17th we all become Irish, as it is extremely difficult not to be charmed by the joy of Saint Patrick’s Day.

st patrick day

In Mexico there are approximately 600,000 Irish people ready to enjoy a cold beer probably accompanied by an order of tacos al pastor. For the occasion, we present you with some interesting facts about this all-green Irish celebration:

1. Born in England in the year 390 A.D., a sixteen year old Saint Patrick was kidnapped by Irish pirates. After his captors released him, he devoted his life to spreading Catholicism in Ireland.

2. Clovers were formerly used by St. Patrick to explain the trinity’s mystery to pagans. With time they became an Irish rebellion symbol against Queen Victoria of England.

3. Some people believed that leprechauns used to have fun pinching people. That’s the origin of the U.S. tradition of pinching those who are not wearing something green on St. Patrick’s Day.

4. One would believe that the first Saint Patrick’s Day parade was in Dublin. But actually it was in Boston in 1737.

5.We all know the St. Patrick’s drinking tradition. But according to a popular tale, a long time ago St. Patrick visited a tavern and the landlord served him a half-empty glass of whiskey. Saint Patrick got angry and told him that a greed demon was living in that establishment. The next time Saint Patrick visited that tavern he realized that the landlord was providing large amounts of alcohol as he was afraid of the greed demon.

Join the fun and have a great St. Patrick’s Day… Cheers!