5 Technological Predictions for 2018

2017 was a great year for the technology industry. So what exciting innovations will 2018 bring?

By Redacción MXN Saturday, December 30, 2017 comments


2017 was a great year for the technology industry. So what exciting innovations will 2018 bring?



2017 was a great year for the technology industry, dotted with good gadgets, reliable improvements and spectacular downloads. What exciting things will 2018 bring with it?






Augmented reality in your pocket



Virtual reality could take over the world. But connecting the headphones to watch games or videos of 360 degrees has not meant the great success that many expected.



In 2018, a large part of this technology could finally become a daily life with a device that you can have in your hands: a smartphone.



Aaugmented reality superimposes digital images and the devices could have a powerful AR technology so that anyone with a device fast enough can test it.





‘Street’ robots



In 2018 street robots will finally take to the streets and no, it will not be to rebel against mankind (at least not in 2018).



Several companies have developed robots that run the corridors of hotels and hospitals, which control crime in shopping centers or simply make the delivery of a burrito a couple of blocks away. These robots use GPS, sensors and cameras to navigate the world without eliminating passers-by.



Smart homes that open the door to strangers



If you are not at home, that does not mean that technology companies cannot come and deliver a package that you have ordered or leave your dinner order.



Amazon launched a strange category at the beginning of 2017 with a service that allows dealers to access your home through a special intelligent (un) lock.






Voice on all speakers



Alexa fever has spread and most of the technology giants are already developing their own voice aids. They are launching assistants that will accompany all your devices.  In 2018, companies like Amazon and Google will seek to create a voice ecosystem for you.



Changes in your internet bill



Most likely, you now pay a fixed monthly fee for your internet connection. Some companies charge different prices depending on the speed of the internet, without limiting your navigation sites.



The recent reform of the Net Neutrality rules in the United States has opened doors for Internet service providers to experiment with different rates.  It could happen that the prices increase for certain types of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, or maybe, even social networks could have an additional monthly price.