Mexican scientist creates innovative technology for hearing impaired.

By Notimex Monday, January 26, 2015 comments

It’s not new that Mexican scientists are innovating in different areas, aiming to improve the quality of life in general. Jose Hernandez Rebollar is no exception, since his invention is indeed exceptional.

He designed an electronic glove capable of translating the United States sign language into spoken English or Spanish words. Without a doubt, this device makes it easier for hearing impaired to communicate with world.

The 34-year old scientist who collaborates with George Washington University proved that this device he called AcceleGlove can translate a wide arrange of words and simple phrases, just by moving the arm or fingers.

AcceleGlove electronic glove

My wish is to produce something for hearing impaired people to use in their day by day”, said the young scientist, and even though he’s no impaired, he explained that his inspiration was helping others live life at its best.

Hernandez Rebollar arrived to Washington with a Fulbright scholarship in Electronic Engineering, and AcceleGlove was his doctorate thesis.

Corinne K. Vinopol, head of the commercial laboratory in which Hernandez develops his thesis, is very interested in this project as she is sure this could help immigrant Spanish-speaker families. She explained that when the hearing impaired children go to school they start learning English and sign language, which at home becomes an obstacle as their parents are still speaking in Spanish, and therefore their communication capability is negatively affected.