Mountain riding across the mountain ranges in the north of Mexico…!

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You’re looking for a unique adventure in Mexico… Well, you’ve come to the right place because Mexico News Network has an excellent option for you to get all that emotion and adrenaline out of your body and experience something new and out-of-this-world! Hidden in the state of Coahuila, in the north of Mexico lies a marvelous mountain range called Serrania del Burro.

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Encountering with this impressive place is a wild adventure on its own… Nonetheless, the best way of exploring it and therefore make the most of this experience, is by mountain riding across its hills! As a matter of fact, once a year dozens of brave enthusiasts gather in the place to participate in a fascinating competition called Carrera Tio Tacho.

Serrania del Burro is a breathtaking place that seduces every visitor with its impressive horizons and scenic landscapes, due to its closeness to Rio San Rodrigo. It is the perfect combination for any cyclist, as it blends mind blowing sceneries with a dose of brave and gravity defeating challenges. What to expect? Impressive slopes, intrepid sceneries and extreme weather!

One of the most impressive attributes of the entire place is the set of inferior hills found parallel to the Sierra Madre Oriental mountain range, meaning that the adventure can continue days on end!

A very interesting thing about the entire expedition is a cave called El Abra, considered one of the largest of Coahuila, featuring cave paintings and hieroglyphics over 5 thousand years old! As well as sea fossils dating back to over 100 million years…!

Whether or not you are a cyclist, we strongly suggest you visit the Eco-Tourist Ranch Tio Tacho (which is also the hosting venue for the competition I spoke to you earlier), offering an 11 hectare surface of magic, history and adventure!

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