VerdeVertical, transforming Mexico City

By Valeria Bigurra Wednesday, February 1, 2017 comments

This initiative seeks to improve the quality of life in the CDMX


Mexico City, like many other cities in the world, has been a victim of pollution during the last few years, but little by little both citizens and the government have tried to find measures to reduce this problem.


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Among these people is Fernando Ortiz Monasterio, an architect whose work seeks to transform buildings walls into gardens, water generators and even air purifiers.


Fernando discovered this green technique when he lived in Madrid, in a museum that had a wall that helped the environment, and was delighted with it, so he decided to create his own company in Mexico.


The architect aspires to transform Mexico City, through his workshop VerdeVertical, with which he seeks – using architecture, – to benefit this busy and polluted city.


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Taller VerdeVertical was born out of Ortiz’s desire to save the Earth, and is currently one of the best architects of sustainable architecture in Latin America, whose mission is that his walls transcend decorative value to true providers of quality of life in the city.


Ortiz says that the revitalization of public space is extremely important, “because if we do not start to take advantage of it, in the long term, the only solution will be to deforest the forests to transform them into arable lands.


Currently the company has already built more than 20,000 square meters of Mexico City, however this is still not enough, if we take into account that the World Health Organization recommends 9 square meters per inhabitant.


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There is still a long way to go before reaching the goal, but it is possible because, according to an investigation carried out by the company, there are around 168 million square meters of abandoned walls in Mexico City.


The space exists, what is missing is the workforce, because to achieve the goal it would require about 20 million people, that is why Fernando Ortiz encourages citizens to participate in this project, as it will benefit us all.


Within the company there are three initiatives, the first is called Vertical Farms, a system where garden products are planted, so that these are no longer imported, and become much more accessible to citizens.


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The second is the Cloud Factory, with which he plans to place metal sheets on the walls to capture the water and therefore water the plants, at the same time, the plants are the ones in charge of regenerate and clean the water, then it goes through filters and finally becomes drinkable.


And the third is Green Air, a tubing system that can clean and refresh the air, helping improve the quality of life in Mexico City.


Fernando Ortiz is certainly a visionary, but this is a work for all, a single person can not change the world, but if we all play our part, we can certainly make this a better world.