Zacua presents the first Mexican electric car

By Valeria Bigurra Wednesday, July 19, 2017 comments

The car has been entirety assembled in Puebla; the project took them 17 years.


Zacua, a company originally from Puebla, has presented the first fully assembled electric car in Mexico, with which they will seek to compete with other international brands that already handle these types of cars.


zacua3Original mage, source: Facebook page of Zacua Autos.


The Zacua 2018 line will offer two models, the M2 and M3, which will have space for two passengers, and will reach a speed of up to 95 km / h and can travel up to 160 km on a single charge.


The batteries of these cars will require approximately eight hours to fully charge; In addition these vehicles will have various gadgets such as telephone, internet, e-mail navigation, social networks and surround sound.


zacuaOriginal mage, source: Facebook page of Zacua Autos.



Another advantage is that it is friendly to the environment, as it emits zero emissions, which means that it does not generate carbon dioxide and thus its use does not pollute the air.


These new cars will be available in three colors: ivory, red and gray, all with black roof; And according to Jorge Martinez, founder and director of Zacua, the project took them about 17 years of work, because they wanted to offer the best vehicle.


zacua2Original mage, source: Facebook page of Zacua Autos.


For now, only 100 units will be made, a figure that is expected to double by 2018, and triple by 2019, and for the moment it will be offered only through internet, however the company expects to make a showroom soon.


The car will cost 460 thousand pesos, and it is important to mention that although Zacua is of Mexican origin, some parts of the car are foreign, although it is fully assembled in the state of Puebla, Mexico.