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The largest aircraft of the world the A380 from Air France, lands in the Cancun International Airport

A historical event happened in the Cancun International Airport: The landing of the A380, the largest plane of the world! Operated by Air France, this magnificent aircraft marked milestone in the aviation history of Mexico, and shown the world that the Mexican Caribbean is more that capable of reaching greatness, which is the result of hard effort and work made by several parties.

Air bus A380 Cancun

Having said this, ASUR (the company that manages the Cancun International Airport) is celebrating its 15th Anniversary, reason why this amazing event was able to come together, as part of the festivities for the company’s birthday. It’s important to mention that the Cancun International Airport has the necessary infrastructure and technology to cater these sorts of crafts, (let’s keep in mind the A380 needs a special landing strip, due to its size).

Important personalities of the tourism industry at a national and international level, as well as local authorities specialized in the field were present during the event! We were able to catch glimpses (and even speak to) of characters like the governor of Quintana Roo, Mr. Roberto Borge Angulo and the French Ambassador of France in Mexico, Madame Elisabeth Beton Délègue; both agree on the same thing: These kind of events are a living proof of the strong bond between both national, and that it is no coincidence that a company as important as Air France chose to land its A380 aircraft in Mexico, particularly in Cancun.

Air France is one the few airlines in the entire world that has airplanes as large as this one in particular, with a seating capacity of over 500 passengers.

Cancun Air bus A380

In Mexico, Air France-KLM operates two daily flights from Paris into Mexico City. Furthermore, there are also four weekly flights coming in from Paris into Cancun; this last one will now operate five times a week starting on December 3rd, and passengers will fly through the skies with this impressive aircraft: The A380.

The Airbus A380 is supported by a $375.3 million dollar investment; it has a total of 516 seats, divided in four categories and distributed across two floors, them being: La Premier, with nine seats located along the main bridge; Business Class with 80 seats, located in the superior bridge; Premium Economy Class (Luxury Coach) made up of 38 seats, also located on the superior bridge, and finally the Economy Class (Coach) with 389 spots, scattered across the superior bridge and the main one.

In addition, the A380 has a 73 meter length (80 meters width, from wing to wing), with six bars, 220 windows that provide natural light to the cabin, an art and culture gallery, real time images projected in the interior of the craft, thanks to the cameras located in the front, rear and underneath the plane. As if this wasn’t enough, there is an avant garde system called Moonlighting, which assists passengers to deal with jet lag.

It is an honor receiving that Air France decided to introduce itself in Latin America through Mexico, specifically Cancun… It’s important to also mention that Air France is also celebrating its 80th birthday, which means a double party for all!

Congratulations to both companies! Happy 80th Anniversary to Air France and 15th to ASUR!