American visits to Mexico up by 24% last year

By Notimex Saturday, August 1, 2015 comments

Beach Tulum Mexico


Part of an overall trend of increased travel.


According to a report published by the Office of Travel and Tourism Industries, Mexico experienced a spike in visitors from the United States in 2014, compared to numbers from 2013. It is a marked departure from a constant but flat trend of American travel to Mexico since 2004.


Though the report does not speculate on what is behind this specific surge, the report does point to a 2% decrease in airfare per visitor and a 5% decrease, per visitor, per trip for expenditures. Credit card use was up by 55% as well compared to 2013.


The report also cites an 11% increase in all international travel among Americans.


Beach Tulum Mexico


Whatever the reason may be, the surge is notably high. Mexico remarkably stood out as the top international destination for U.S. visitors in 2014, with a total of 25.9 million visitors. This points to a 24 percent increase in American visitors compared to 2013.


These numbers data contrasts starkly with those of Canada, the second most visited country by Americans. Last year it received 11.5 million visitors last, yielding an increase of less than one percent of American visitors.