Arkansas State University campus to open in Mexico

By Notimex Thursday, November 3, 2016 comments

Arkansas State University

The first American-style campus in Mexico


Arkansas State University (ASU) will be the first American public university to open a campus in Mexico, with classes scheduled to begin in fall of 2017 at its new facilities in Colón, Querétaro.


Arkansas State University Campus Queretaro 3Original Image: “Conceptual Rendering of the Student Union”, source: Arkansas State University Campus Queretaro


The university campus is part of a planned 2,125-acre comprehensive community development near Queretaro that will include commercial, residential and recreation amenities for up to 70,000 residents.



Arkansas State University Campus Queretaro, a private business foundation in Mexico, is funding phase one’s $75 million in construction work.


ASU Colón expects to enroll close to 1,000 students next summer, and expectations are that enrollment will reach 4,500 in the next four years. Up to 30% will be foreigners, mainly from Asian, Central and South American countries.



Arkansas State UniversityOriginal Image: “Student Residence Renderings”, source: Arkansas State University Campus Queretaro


The initial degree programs cover three major subject areas: business and communications, engineering and technology, and science, all taught in English. Students will receive a degree valid in both the United States and Mexico. Two master’s degrees will also be available, in business management and engineering management.


ASU has a 20-year plan to reach its maximum planned capacity of 20,000 students, creating 1,000 direct jobs with the creation of a full-blown university city, with housing and leisure and cultural centers for students and faculty.


The long-term development plan also includes the creation of an industrial park and a research center, both catering to the needs of the region’s industry and the academic training of students.



Arkansas State University Campus QueretaroOriginal Image: “A Rendering of the Campus Overview”, source: Arkansas State University Campus Queretaro

The state of Queretaro has the greatest economic and demographic growth in the country, said Ricardo González of the ASU Campus Querétaro.


“The goal of the campus is to supply the ever-increasing demand for career professionals in the state, particularly in the automotive, aerospace, appliance and biotechnology areas.”


The university has confirmed that applications for admission are now being accepted.