Book collects Mexican Treasures found in Europe

By Valeria Bigurra Monday, April 17, 2017 comments

The author collected a total of 600 photographs on nine thousand objects located in Europe


The book “Unusual Mexico in Europe”, by the author Miguel Gleason, brings together a collection of 600 photographs that show nine thousand objects of pre-Hispanic, colonial, baroque New Spain, post-independence and contemporary art found on the European continent.




Gleason gathered 13 years of research in 320 cities in 17 countries and then published it in this 256-page large-format book, which was presented this time at the headquarters of the European Parliamentary Association in Strasbourg.



In the book you can see all the objects of Mexican history found in Europe, whether in museums or private collections, in countries like France, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Hungary and Poland, among many others.


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The author said during the presentation of the book that the European city where most Mexican objects are located in different places is Seville, because they are in 35 sites scattered throughout the city.



One of the most important finds of the book is the Cuauhtemoc`s headdress, which is in the Branly Museum in Paris, and of which, according to Gleason, Mexico had no knowledge before, because from our country, it traveled to Vienna, to return with King Maximilian, and after the death of the emperor, it was sold to a French collector.




The above-mentioned headdress is one of the eight prehispanic art objects that are preserved, of which five are in Europe, including Moctezuma’s headdress, which is exhibited at the Vienna Ethnological Museum.



Although these pieces are an important part of the Mexican cultural heritage, according to Santiago Oñate, ambassador of Mexico to the Council of Europe, most of them have been exhibited for culture and humanism purposes, so that “their existence up to now in Europe, is something that Mexicans can celebrate”.



Finally it was announced that Miguel Gleason will now work in the realization of this same project in the United States and Canada, seeking to create a documentary series on the cultural heritage of Mexico in the world.


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