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Fonart partners with Amazon to sell handcrafts

By Valeria Bigurra Saturday, December 24, 2016 comments

More than 143 products from different artisan branches will be made available


The National Fund for the Promotion of Handicrafts (Fonart) announced that it has created an agreement with the Amazon company to bring the work of Mexican artisans to new markets in order to promote their work and help their economy.




Fonart will sell more than 143 products from various branches of the handicraft, such as textiles, pottery, wood, lacquer and maque, vegetable fibers, metalwork and cartonery, which come from 11 states of the Mexican Republic.



Amazon will offer special promotions in sales of more than 599 pesos, and more than 40 products will have free shipping and those who live in Mexico City will be able to get their products within the first 24 hours after placing the order.




Each of the pieces acquired by Amazon is made by Mexican craftsmen who are located below the welfare line, which demonstrates the commitment of Fonart to seek the integral development of artisans, through the improvement of their economic income.



This Fund, besides helping the artisan economy, also seeks to preserve the artistic sense of Mexican handicrafts, as well as provide training, technical and administrative assistance and support the promotion of the production and marketing of these products, among other things.




With this agreement with Amazon, the institution shows its commitment to the Mexican artisans, as this is an excellent platform to publicize the work of the people who are part of it.



Amazon is a company that entered the Mexican market just over a year ago and soon became an excellent platform for buying and selling products from various parts of the world, so this is an excellent opportunity for Mexican artisans.