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Mexico will have its own house in Madrid

By Valeria Bigurra Friday, January 6, 2017 comments

This space will seek to be a cultural and educational institution


A mansion located in Madrid is the space that will be housing a Mexican cultural center, in order to promote bilateral ties between both nations.




The cultural center is scheduled to open in a year, and it will be built in the municipal palace, a building that has been uninhabited since 2010, and whose facilities will now house the so-called House of México.


The architect Luis Bellido built the building in 1926; it was originally a hospital, and later various institutions were installed in it, however in 2010 it was closed.




The Mexican ambassador in Spain, Roberta Lajous, and the mayor of Madrid, Manuela Carmena, signed the transfer of the building a few days ago, and this place, will now be home to the headquarters of the Mexican cultural institute in Spain and the Editorial Fund of Economic Culture, as well as the library Octavio Paz, which will be the most complete of Mexican subjects in the Spanish capital, with more than 14 thousand volumes.




The house of Mexico will also have an art gallery and a Mexican handicraft shop, and according to a press release issued by the city of Madrid, will have as a goal “to become a cultural engine and a meeting point where to deepen In the knowledge between two countries and two closely related cities “.


The Palacete has a diameter of 2,700 square meters and has three floors, is officially protected by its architectural value, and is located in the center of Madrid, in the district of Argüelles, where more museums, cultural centers and libraries will surround it.




The House of Mexico in Spain, will be an institution with a great cultural and educational content, and will also have a Mexican gastronomy workshop, among many other things.