A life-changing discovery from a Mexican scientist.

By Alan Harlow Torres Tuesday, January 13, 2015 comments

Imagine not having to buy batteries ever again… Just think about the amount of battery-powered gadgets we use daily in our lives, and the problem it is when we have to throw them away. Simply take a moment to think how much our planet is damaged with this process, and the number of people who use and dispose batteries every day.

Under such premise, and to address this problematic, Mexican scientist Arturo Solis Herrera was motivated to start an important research regarding this small and little lasting-power sources, which pollute the planet in large amounts.

hybrid car

Bat gen is the name of this ever-lasting battery. It consists of a biochemical process triggered by mixing water and melanin, which results in a substance capable of separating oxygen from hydrogen (the components of a water molecule), therefore liberating energy.

The process continues as the same molecule brings together both elements turning them into water again; as a result one more energy load is triggered.

According to Solis’ research, once this process is reached, it can continue for 100 years! Moreover, there are several ways of artificially producing the melanin found in human nails, hair and retina; two of them, which he already patented, are based on vegetables and oil.

bat gen infinity battery

Arturo Solis is head of Investigation and Development of the Human Photosynthesis Research Center, which was founded by himself in the state of Aguascalientes, in the center region of Mexico. For twenty years, the Mexican scientist dedicated his own resources to this study, and fortunately on April 2010 the Russian government granted him the patent number 6017379. Currently he is very close to obtaining it in the United States and Europe.

For now, Bat gen can only be used to power up household appliances, but this is just the beginning, as it is planned that it can boost the engine of an electric car very soon.

Today, several automotive industries in Mexico are developing electric and hybrid cars for exportation; that’s the opportunity Solis is looking for.

Meanwhile Bat gen is being commercialized with clean energy companies, but the future is promising, and soon this amazing technology could be part of each home not only in Mexico, but the whole world.

mexican inventor Arturo Solis Herrera