BBC hosts “100 Women” festival in Mexico

By Valeria Bigurra Friday, November 25, 2016 comments

This is the first time that the event takes place outside the UK


The BBC of London held for the first time outside the United Kingdom the festival “100 Women, Mujeres en Voz Alta“, which aims to show the achievements and challenges for women.





The first festival was held in 2013, and since that year it seeks to achieve a better representation of this sector of the population in information production and international media, so they do interviews and documentaries on the lives of various women.



During the event, which took place yesterday, November 24, there was be music, photography, dance and comedy exhibitions, as well as debates and analysis on the situation of women in Mexico and the world.






100 Women, Mujeres en Voz Alta” held at Angela Peralta Street, next to the Palace of Fine Arts, in the Historic Center of Mexico City, and according to Fiona Crack, publisher of 100 Women, the country was chosen as venue due to its progress in the fight for gender equality and the challenges that it still exist.




Some of the guests where: journalist Carmen Aristegui; The representative of UN-Women, Ana Güezmez; The director of Inmujeres D.F., Teresa Incháustegui, and artists Ángela Aguilar, Ali Gua Gua, Julieta Venegas and Sofía Niño de Rivera.






In addition, personalities such as the former president of Panama, Mireya Moscoso and current Chilean President Michelle Bachelet offered messages through videos made specifically for the audience of the event.



The BBC sees this event as an opportunity to celebrate Mexican and Latin American women, and at the same time to learn more about some of the most outstanding female figures of our time.