Get your birth certificate in any part of the world!

By Fernanda Duque Hernandez Thursday, January 22, 2015 comments

A few days ago, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Jose Antonio Meade, made a very special announcement, which will definitely make the difference all across the US, especially for the Mexican population living on the other side of the border: from now on Mexican embassies and consulates will issue official birth certificates!

Mexican embassies and consulate offices in the US will be able to access a digital archive of birth records from the entire country and print an official and certified copy of it. This new measure represents excellent news for Mexicans living across the border, since they need this document to acquire all sorts of ID’s, such as passports; additionally, Mexican immigrants living in the US will also have the benefit of applying for a driver’s license, government programs and work permits in the US.

According to Angélica Salas, director of the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights in Los Angeles, Cal, there are 6 million Mexican immigrants living in the States illegally, without even having an official ID. This happen because some left their documents back home for safety reasons, and others come from rural communities far away from government offices, where technology may not be at its best.

mexico consulate USA

This birth certificates program is part of the efforts the Mexican government is doing to help their citizens to stay in the United States and continue sending money back to their relatives in Mexico.

Before this change officially kicked in, obtaining identity documents for Mexican immigrants living in the US, was a very difficult process. Most of the time, people asked their relatives or friends in Mexico to get the paperwork ready and delivered for them, therefore send it to the US.

Doing this, could represent some difficulties. Firstly, applicants had to wait a long time for the mail to the from Mexico to the US, and sometimes –worst-case scenario–, their documents would even get lost in the mail! This happened to Mr. Pedro Zamora, a 52 year-old cook that lives in Santa Ana, California, who tried to obtain his birth certificate twice, and it got lost on the way twice!

With this new measure, not only Pedro, but the rest of the Mexican community living in the US will greatly benefit, since they’ll be able to apply to different things in the US, quicker and easier!