By Notimex Monday, February 24, 2014 comments

Brazilian agencies request support from Mexico, to supply the on-growing demand of flights

The organization for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, one of the most waited-for events this year, is placing Brazilian airlines in a bit of a pickle, particularly for satisfying an on-growing demand of flights outside Brazil. This is the main reason why Brazil is turning to Mexican airlines to cover the routes from Brazil to the Caribbean.

Cancun’s Visitors and Conventions Bureau is coordinating negotiations between agencies and airlines from both countries, because despite of the international excitement for this sporting event- the most famous and waited-for in the world-, Brazilian authorities expect a great number of departures of local residents who will be escaping from the crowd and mayhem during the World Cup.

Brazil and Mexico air connection

This situation turns into a problem because Brazilian enterprises will have to enforce the organization and logistics of the 2014 World Cup, and deal with transportation issues in order to take locals and visitors to the different venues for the entire event, which are separated by large distances within the nation.

In this situation, agencies have decided to allocate their fleet of aircraft to attend the internal demand, reason why they fear the weakening of the connectivity between Brazil and the Mexican Caribbean destinations may arise.

For this reason, Brazilian airlines and companies have sought out for the support of Cancun’s OVC, therefore to establish a contact with national airlines like Volaris or Interjet. The intention is to concrete a charter service during the months of June and July which will attend the demand for flights from Brazil to Mexico.

Flights Brazil and Mexico

As mentioned before, many Brazilians will leave their country escaping from the mass, crowd and mayhem during the World Cup event. It is worth mentioning that Cancun and Riviera Maya are two of the most sought out destinations for Brazilian tourists, and with the internal economic growth for this South American nation there is a huge raise of visitors expected.

Even if the alliance is not concreted, there will still be 150 routes offered by Mexican airline Aeromexico to travel through different destinations; however regular flights to Mexico’s beach destinations will run normally.