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Cancun, Acapulco and Los Cabos will have Tourist Police

By Redacción MXN Wednesday, July 5, 2017 comments

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Sectur will roll out trial security programs over the next three weeks in Los Cabos, Cancún and Acapulco, all destinations that have been affected by recent upsurges in violent crime.


Rising insecurity is the only thing that could slow down the growth of Mexico’s ascendant tourism industry, said Tourism Secretary Enrique de la Madrid this week while announcing a plan to address rising violence in three destinations.


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The Secretary of Tourism, Enrique De la Madrid Cordero has announced the creation of tourist police for Cancun, Acapulco and Los Cabos sponsored by the federal government because the perception of insecurity is already affecting this industry and requires crime busting measures from capable institutions.



During his stay in the Merida, Yucatan where he headed the forum on Governance for Sustainable Tourism, De La Madrid said that in 15 days a pilot model on security for tourist destinations will be presented.


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Currently, he said, there is insecurity in destinations where it did not happen before, and it is vital because these regions represent a large sector where tourists arrive.




Sectur will deploy new tourism police for the program but is seeking the participation of the business community, state and municipal governments as well as citizens who live in the tourist regions to help pay for it.


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“It’s going to require resources and business owners are going to have to provide them but in exchange for that, governments have to be more open, transparent, inclusive and allow the business world, through already existing citizen councils, to oversee that commitments are met.”



Despite these concerns, Sectur estimates that income from tourism will increase by around 11% this year, adding a further US $2 billion to the $21 billion economic spill generated by tourism in 2017.


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