Cancun beats the “All-Inclusive”

Due to a number of financial reasons numbers have been a little bit down tourism wise, but Cancun keeps its numbers up, even over the all-inclusive concept

By Daniel Juarez Tuesday, June 7, 2016 comments

Numbers don’t lie; tourists are coming more often and decided to spend more on their vacations


Ever since the last decade, numbers have been a little bit down tourism wise, due to a number of financial reasons like the USA stock market crash in 2008, hurricane Wilma in Cancun on 2005 and the SARS alert in 2009. Plus the fact that most hotels rely on their “All inclusive” packages to get most of their income, thus keeping the guests “captive” in a sense; they don’t go to restaurants or go out on tours as much as they used to.


beach cancunOriginal Image: “Cancun” por16:9clue, used under CC BY 2.0, via Flickr.


Nonetheless, according to a study done by Marketing Consultants, Cancun has seen an increase in its tourist entries, although the overall consumption in other services from different markets has decreased. Up until august 2015, there’s been an increase where there hasn’t been one since 2011; the average hotel occupation was of 83.5%, this means an increase of 3.2 million more tourists against 2014.


There’s a growing concern that even though numbers are good, there’s no movement outside of the hotels, they don’t go and walk around Riviera Maya or Cancún, they don’t fancy for a meal in a nice restaurant, go shopping, go out on tours, etc. But since ever since 1997, the tour occupation was on roughly 71%, dropped down to 57% in 2011 and now in 2015 went up back again to 66%, in other words, it’s basically the same as of 20 years ago.


cancun 1249301_1280


Cancun little by little is gaining back its lost terrain due to external financial factors, the study claims it is gaining back its international “middle class” tourist  that were lost during the world crisis.


The study was presented by the Ministry of Tourism in Quintana Roo, the Office of Visitors and Conventions (OVC) and Marketing Consultants, whom since 1992, documents the profile and behavior of visitors on a monthly basis, and it counts with a data base of more than 275 thousand polls, including Riviera Maya.