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During the press conference held at the hotel Me in Cancun,part of the cast of this romantic comedy were present. During the questions and answers session, Mexican artist Martha Higareda confessed that she had been working on this script for five years and also revealed the causes that led her to write this story.

She told the story that while at a friend´s wedding she realized the great emotion that the idea of being the next to marry caused the majority of women, in spite of it being a distant idea for her.

This was howshe got the idea to writethe story ofAnaPaulaandDaniela, the firsta youngwoman aboutto be marriedtowhichnothing else matters more thangetting to thealtar andthe other averyindependent girlfocused on herprofessional development. Bothof theirlivestake a380 turnwhen-after a drunken night-, AnaPaulaendsuplost ina remotejungle,where away from everything she realizes she has left behind some of her dreams; while Daniela finally finds the love of her life.

Casese Quien Pueda

Part of thisMexican productiontook place inthe capital city,while the restwas filmed inMaya communitiesof QuintanaRoosuch as:TresReyes,Pac-ChenandLaRuta de losCenotes.

Thisis not the firstmovie thatuses thenatural sceneryof the Mexican Caribbean,the statehadpreviouslysupported productions such as Disney´s Alamar, filmed in Banco Chinchorro, Bacalar; El Jardin de la Tia Isabel and even Alfonso Arau´s film about the Mexican hero Zapata.

ForMarcoPoloConstandsecarrying out this projectinhis homestate meant a lot,because itgave him the opportunityto show the worldthe traditionsand beauty of thestate ofQuintanaRoo, heexpects thatwith thisfilmmore peoplewill be encouraged tovisit the destination.