Catherine Cortez Masto, the first Latina senator in the US

By Valeria Bigurra Saturday, November 12, 2016 comments

This Tuesday she won in the state of Nevada by taking the majority of the votes


The United States is in the sights of the world after the elections that took place on Tuesday, in which Donald Trump was elected president of the nation after winning the vote.




However, a historic event also occurred that night, as the Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto, a 52-year-old lawyer with Mexican roots, became the first Latina to reach the Senate, beating her opponent Joe Heck.



Cortez will now take the place of Senator Harry Reid, the leader of the Democrats, who retires after 30 years of political work.



The senator is an ex-fiscal of Nevada and granddaughter of a Mexican immigrant, and the center of her campaign was the reforms that the immigration system needs and the future elections of Supreme Court magistrates, in addition to that she had the support of the candidate to the presidency Hilary Clinton, and President Barack Obama.




On Tuesday, Nevada’s Hispanics undoubtedly vowed to cast their votes, as they gave Cortez Masto 48 percent of the total vote, which means about 450,000 votes.



It is important to mention that the largest hotel industry union in the country has 57,000 members in Nevada, of which 60% are Latinos, and more than 2,200 people applied to be US citizens in 3 months, so no doubt the Latino vote was a determinant of the state elections, in which Hilary Clinton also won the ballot.



Catherine Cortez is granddaughter of Edward Cortez, originally from Chihuahua, Mexico, who served in the US Army and subsequently became a citizen. In addition, her father Manuel J “Manny” Cortez was a well-known public figure in Las Vegas, he Headed the Las Vegas Convention and Visitor Authority for 13 years, and served as Commissioner of Clark County for 15 years, in which he boosted large-scale tourism in the city.





In addition Manny Cortez was the creator of the famous slogan of the city of Las Vegas: “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”



Another of the factors that gave Cortez the majority of votes were her policies in favor of women, with which she seeks to prevent domestic violence and sexual harassment of women, in addition she also fought from the beginning for equality between Men and women, as well as to eliminate the wage gap that exists between white and Hispanic women.



With this triumph, Cortez manages to get Mexicans back into the Senate after 7 years, as the last legislator of Mexican descent was Ken Salazar, who left his post in 2009 to work with Obama.





According to a Washington Post report, Hispanics are 17% of the population in the United States, yet their representation in Congress is 6%.



Another of its proposals is to improve education in the country, considering that it is ridiculous that, in order to obtain a good education, young students must practically mortgage their entire future, and proposes that loans should be more accessible, and that the interest rate most be limited to the Income of the debtors.




Finally it is important to mention that Catherine Cortez was not the only Latin winner that night, as Ruben J. Kihue, a son of Mexican immigrants, will also have a seat in the House of Representatives.



During his speech on Tuesday the young man said that his mother worked for 22 years as a housekeeper in the hotel industry, and he considers his history a sample of the American dream, coming from a family that came from Guadalajara to the United States, and that In spite of the difficulties that he lived, he has now managed to become the first immigrant to arrive at the House by the state of Nevada.