Still sore about the Gasolinazo?

By Redacción MXN Wednesday, January 11, 2017 comments

Motorists turn to biofuel in effort to save on gasoline


After just three days in operation, a new gas station in Tlaxcala, Mexico selling an ethanol blend had to shut down temporarily due to the popularity of its prices.


oxifuel 02Original Image, courtesy of Oxifuel


Adolfo Fernández, owner of the first Oxifuel gas station in the state, began offering the alternative fuel — a 50-50 mix of normal gasoline and sugarcane ethanol — at 13 pesos per litre.


The ethanol has to be mixed with gasoline given its high octane rating of 113. Regular gasolines such as magna and premium have an octane rating of 87 and 92 points, respectively.


Once the ethanol is combined with gasoline the octane rating of Oxifuel’s product is pared down to between 95 and 97 and can power normal engines, with the added benefit of reducing emissions.


oxifuel 01Original Image, courtesy of Oxifuel


Fernández explained that the biofuel does not harm engines and that with the market still reeling after last week’s big price hike,  its popularity among consumers has increased.


After three days of operations, his fuel allocation of 4,000 litres was depleted and Fernández had to temporarily shut down his one-pump gas station.


People accepted ethanol. In just three days I ran out and I’m waiting for a new shipment in the coming days,” Fernández said, observing that Pemex stations in the area were selling Premium for more than 17 pesos a litre.


Oxifuel operates 57 stations in the states of Veracruz, Oaxaca, Puebla, Morelos, México, Hidalgo and Tlaxcala.