Choose, Fly, Love the A380

By Notimex Tuesday, August 2, 2016 comments

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Airbus launches I Fly A380, a direct web site to fly in the only two-story airplane in the world



The A380 is the biggest and most spacious airplane in the world and provides their clients with the most relaxed and comfortable flight possible. It is by far, traveler’s favorite airplane; being able to fly in this emblematic two-story plane is a matter of choice, not chance, even more now that they have launched a website specifically for it.


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It has been discovered that about 60% of travelers make an effort to travel specifically on this plane, that is why was created, it is the website for travelers that are looking for the experience of flying in this two-story aircraft.


Exploring new digital platforms to make it easier for passengers to choose their favorite plane resulted in this innovative project, explains Marc Fontaine, Official of Digital Transformation at Airbus.


For the first time in the market, a reservation service that has a type of plane as search criteria for flight selection is launched; this had made passengers, Airbus A380 and airline operators very happy. This site is the only place where the world’s only 13 operators can showcase the services they provide on board and the destinations they offer, along with attractive information that can help travelers choose their next vacation spot.


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This is the only commercial plane with two complete floors for passengers, with 544 seats in a standard distribution; these are more spacious, with wider hallways and more floor space. This all generates more incomes, makes the air traffic smoother and attracts more passengers in routes that go up to 8,200 nautical miles.


More than 130 million people have already enjoyed the experience of flying aboard one of these airplanes, 230 airports receive them due to it being designed to be compatible for all airports no matter their size, as a matter of fact, every 3 minutes a A380 takes off or lands somewhere in the world.


In January of 2016, A380 fleets operate 102 routes to 50 global destinations and keep expanding every day.