Clinton and Merkel world’s most powerful women

For the sixth consecutive year Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, is yet again world’s most powerful woman according to Forbes. In second place is Hillary Clinton, who will possibly go up a position next year.

By Redacción MXN Thursday, June 16, 2016 comments

hillary and merkel

Dispute over the first place on the Forbes power list




merkel and clinton podium


If Clinton wins the presidency elections in the United States, she could easily take Merkel’s place on the list and become the most powerful woman in the world. The democrat candidate for president could very well win the November elections, and according to the magazine, she has all it all in favor to becoming number one out of the 200 spots.


After headlining the list for six years, Merkel announced to Forbes she has decided to open Germany’s borders to over a million refugees from Syria and other countries. Her geopolitical strategy is view by many as a very brave one, by adopting absolute humanism.


hillary and merkel


We must remind you that Merkel guided her country through a recession with encouragement and subsidies to businesses and now Germany has a budget surplus of 12,100 euros and the best AAA grade from the rating agencies.  This year, Forbes list includes 20 new women, which were chosen under the new rethinking of what it means to be powerful, due to the difference there is between being in control and being influential. Ameenah Gurib-Fakim’s words, the first woman president in Mauritania, explain this rethinking: “Power is the ability to influence others. If your influence is long term leaving a legacy, that is true power.”


Out of the 200 powerful women, 51 of them are from the United States, China being number two being represented by 9 women.


In Mexico, out of the 100 women on the Forbes list, we can mention four women who are breaking stereotypes in their own fields, like teenager Olga Medrano Martin del Campo, winner of the gold medal in the European Women’s Mathematics Olympics in Rumania; Amparo Espinosa Rugarcia, a philanthropist, writer, psychoanalyst, administrator, among other professions with masters and doctorates, she is the President of the Espinosa Rugarcia Association, Subdirector of the Mexican Psychoanalyst Institution, among other titles; Eufrosina Cruz Mendoza, an indigenous woman from Oaxaca, recognized by the UNas one of the 100 leaders that has moved the world and is now aspiring to be governor of her state and Melanie Devlyn, President of the board at Devlyn optical store.