A new tourism strategy for the state of Morelos

By Notimex Thursday, February 27, 2014 comments

The state of Morelos will be introducing a new tourism strategy to improve the industry; in fact the state will implement the same one used in other tourist destinations in Mexico, such as Los CabosCancun and Puerto Vallarta. The entity will train local service providers to develop professionals, highly capable of satisfying the needs and demands of conventions tourism, which includes the planning, development and logistics behind symposiums, expositions, conferences, seminars and more.

DMC’s (Destination Management Company) and tour operators will provide consultant services, for specific events and the logistics behind it, everything based on a broad knowledge of the destination, therefore to provide an excellent service.

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This strategy is introduced by several parties, one of them being the federal government. It is believed that with such initiative, the state of Morelos will increase its competitiveness and improve and develop the tourist industry and flow of passengers.

One of the results hoping to acquire after the DMC undergoes such training, and use their broad knowledge of natural and cultural attributes of the area, they could create theme guided excursions and attractive circuits, to capture the attention of possible events to use Morelos as their hosting venue. Tourist resources, products and services in Morelos will be categorized depending on specific markets, in order to concrete and design activities and specific experiences toward one niche in particular, for instance medical tourism.

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The state of Morelos, also known as Mexico’s spring, provides wonderful and fascinating natural sceneries for the organization of all kinds of events, like those previously mentioned. It also has antique colonial haciendas that have turned into luxurious hotels and resorts.

Morelos is also very close to Mexico City, which is certainly something to their advantage, because it is a very accessible destination with excellent air connectivity!

These are the main attributes the state seeks to achieve in order to position themselves as a conventions tourism destination, while also training and developing their DMC’s to attract a higher number of people who travel for business purposes.

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