International Film Festival of Guadalajara to host European film development companies.

By Notimex Saturday, February 7, 2015 comments

Last December Ivan Trujillo, head of the International Film Festival of Guadalajara (FICG), attended a Co-production Forum which took place during the 52nd edition of the International Film Fest of Gijón in the Spanish region of Asturias.

According to a communiqué on the FICG’s website, the purpose of attending the forum was to strengthen its relationship with specific regions of Spain and the nurture the possibility of inter-festival cooperation.

Concurrently, representatives of the Association of Audiovisual Companies of the Asturias Principality (AEPA) signed an agreement with Mexico´s Audiovisual Producers Union (UP) so that future projects may be co-produced between Spanish and Mexican collaborators from both festivals.

FICG 2015

Supported by the Exterior Promotion Society of the Principality of Asturias (ASTUREX), the forum was made possible thanks to the excellent relationship between both the International Film Festival of Guadalajara, and its counterpart from Gijón.

From March 6 through March 15 this year, the Mexican city of Guadalajara will host its annual film festival. To continue previous negotiations, several companies from the Asturias Principality will meet in the Mexican city in order to participate in the so-called “día D” (lit. “D-day”), when film industry matters in both communities will be addressed.

The AEPA will look for firms that meet the expectations of the Guadalajaran-Asturian agreement, with the hopes of boosting commercial participation in Mexico.

The agreement will be honored in the city of Guadalajara in March 2015, within the framework of the FICG’s 30th edition. Both audiovisual delegations expect the occasion to be a milestone in successful business and artistic cooperation between the two countries.