Coparmex determined to improve image of Cancun

By Notimex Monday, January 23, 2017 comments

The President of the employers Confederation of the Mexican Republic in Quintana Roo (Coparmex), Eloy Peniche, has said that following the violence that rocked the city of Cancun last Tuesday, to the same degree that the negativity went viral; the positive aspects about the destination warrant the same amount of publicity.


cancun coparmex


Peniche said that among the strategies they are using to tackle the negative image of last week´s incidents in Playa Del Carmen and Cancun is to “firstly highlight all the positive features about the country´s top touristic destination, despite the unpleasant events that took place“.


The President of Coparmex in Quintana Roo, said that it is time to turn over a new page and that there are more good things to talk about than negative things. “This is an opportunity to refresh Cancun´s image. You will soon hear more information in this regard“, he assured.


Eloy Peniche


Among the measures to be taken is that local businesses will seek to minimize the impact created owing to the speed with which the news spread.


Businessmen immediately called on citizens to avoid spreading rumours and false information about these events; “many people started saying things that simply were not true. I think we must contain this tendency and provide better guidelines for the dissemination of accurate information“.




Peniche stressed that the problem began with a “social breakdown. We have forgotten the importance of working with our citizens. The President of Coparmex reiterated that it is necessary to promote the culture of condemnation of crime“.


Peniche is demanding that the authorities “respond with results” because if they don’t, this is where we will lose credibility with the public.