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Cowgirls, bikinis and Cancun…

The temperatures arose with skimpy and small bikinis, long and tanned legs and boots… This can only mean one thing: the Cowboys Dallas Cheerleaders are once again in Cancun!

These gorgeous cheerleaders are the NFL’s most famous and highest acclaimed group of girls and probably in the entire world, which is why every time they set foot on a particular city, they cause madness in their fans!

Cheerleaders Dallas Cowboys Cancun

Once a year, these gorgeous cheerleaders come all the way from Texas to the coasts of the Mexican Caribbean, to blend the natural beauty of the beach with their incredible bodies! This means that during the next few days, the Cowboys Dallas Cheerleaders will take the beaches of Isla MujeresPuerto Morelos and Cancun, and use it as the setting for their next 2015 Calendar.

Cancun is one of the cities that always has the pleasure of receiving these gorgeous gals, who carry out their traditional Swimsuit Fashion Show. This is a great catwalk where every beautiful cowgirl shows off her body in the most amazing bikini pieces, to cheer the Dallas Cowboys!

Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders

After tanning in the beaches of Cancun, the 30 young cheerleaders will put on their blue and white uniform, get their pompoms ready and perform live onstage to the beat of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck, their incredible dance routines and choreographies!

After their presentation, they get ready to show off their bodies and start walking up and down the runway with their skimpy and very revealing bikinis, which make them look even more beautiful! No one misses a single beat or step of them, since they go from wearing boots to heals, sandals and even sneakers!

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Cancun

But it all goes up when these gorgeous girl smile, wink and say hit to the camera and Cancun, since their charm starts captivating Cancun!