To create more companies, there has to be less paperwork

By Fernanda Duque Hernandez Monday, June 12, 2017 comments

Quintana Roo is the state in Mexico where it’s harder to make business: Coparmex


Despite the creation of the Ventanilla Única – Quintana Roo, which is a public organism dedicated to administrative simplification of procedures and services, with the purpose of speeding delivery times for the creation of micro, small and / or medium-sized companies, the state still is the hardest in Mexico to make business, due to the extensive paperwork, licenses and requirements needed to be able to operate within the entity.




The Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (Imco for its name in Spanish), places the state of Quintana Roo in the last place of this index, explain Adrián López Sánchez, president of the Mexican Employers’ Association (Coparmex) in Cancun.



There are companies that can take up to two years to complete a process, such as real estate ones, who have to manage about 130 permits at the federal, state and municipal level, a fact that inhibits investment.




However, this is not exclusive to large businesses given this situation mostly affects small sellers, who have to split their time between business operations,  do the paperwork and get the money to pay for all.



“Every day that passes, has financial costs. Imagine a company that cannot start operations because it does not have a permit, and sometimes that takes up to two years, in which you have to pay interest to investors, partners or banks, without even selling, and that’s where we become efficient, “explained López Sánchez.




And this without even mentioning that al licenses and permits –granted by both municipal and state governments- must be renewed annually, facing once again with double processes.



For such motive, Coparmex will meet with the Federal Commission for Regulatory Improvement (Cofemer), to address the subject on the Law of Regulatory Improvement, as well as the follow up, once it has been discussed and approved.