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E-commerce doubles in Mexico in one year: IAB

By Redacción MXN Wednesday, April 5, 2017 comments

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The number of people who made a purchase online in Mexico grew from 37% to 66% last year.


The ninth Media and Device Consumption Survey among Mexican Internet users, presented by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), details the habits that Mexican Internet users occupy the internet, including e-commerce.




The number of people who made a purchase online in Mexico went from 37% to 66% of the 71.5 million Internet users in the country in a year. This increase was motivated, for the most part, by special offers (56%) as well as the speed and practicality of electronic commerce (52%).



In its analysis, the body emphasizes the increase and variety of methods of payment that have helped to reduce the barriers to Internet purchases in Mexico.



This is reflected by the strong increase in Internet using PayPal for online transactions (80%), surpassing for the first time debit cards (56%) and credit (44%) as a form of payment.


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Among the purchases or payments they made, banking (55%), clothing (37%) and payment for services (33%) stood out, which also reflects a greater accessibility of products and services.




Surf while watching TV


In Mexico, when it comes to the combined use of media, 98% of consumers connect to the Internet for activities that are not related to what they are viewing on the TV (known as Stacking).


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These simultaneous activities include reviewing their social networks (77%), surfing the internet (55%), searching for information (49%) or using time during commercials (36%).



By having greater connectivity regardless of location or time, 92% of Internet users consider that Internet is part of their daily lives, which is reflected when they combine it with the different activities in their day: while they work (43%), they eat (38%) or simply waiting around (37%).



In the case of online video, its consumption occupies the same place as the primetime of television, with a greater preference to watch videos between 6 pm and midnight. But this does not mean that what they see online is necessarily oblivious to what happens on television, since 84% state that one of the video content they watch most often is TV series, as well as music videos (92%). , Movies (91%) and movie trailers (86%).


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59% of Internet users in Mexico have access to Netflix


Entertainment continues to be key for Mexican Internet users and that is why 75% have contracted some paid entertainment system over the internet; In fact, 59% stated that they have access to Netflix. And with the possibility of choosing when they watch their favourite shows, 48% declare to watch TV on demand content on their television.