NAFTA reports prepared for government transition team

Official stressed that “candidates talk about diversifying, finding other markets.”

By Redacción MNN Friday, June 29, 2018 comments

The subsecretary of Foreign Commerce, Juan Carlos Baker, said the Secretariat of the Economy (SE) is working towards preparing the NAFTA reports that will be required by the newly elected president in order to further advance the negotiations.

Baker explained that until the electoral result is confirmed, the unit will work “in a normal manner and at such time the ‘white papers’ (reports) will be delivered to the new team. The official said that a member of the existing administration team will follow the negotiation process..

The undersecretary assured that whichever of the candidates is elected as president, he would follow the free trade policy that is in place now. “they all say that NAFTA is something that must be maintained.”

On another note, Juan Carlos Baker, stated that there is a possibility that the  Integral and Progressive Agreement of Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) will begins to operate by the end of 2018. It would only be finalized if the six countries ratify the agreement; So far, only Mexico and Japan have done so.