Frida Kahlo Breaks Auction Record at Christie’s

Mexican artist Frida Kahlo’s painting “Two Nudes in a Forest” was actioned on May 13th for 8 million 5 thousand dollars.

By Valeria Bigurra Saturday, May 14, 2016 comments

Mexican artist Frida Kahlo’s painting “Two Nudes in a Forest” was actioned on May 13th for 8 million 5 thousand dollars.


The auction was conducted by the house Christie’s in New York, and with this selling price it broke the record reached by a Latin American artwork, which was previously owned by the Oaxacan painter Rufino Tamayo, with his painting “El Trovador “which was auctioned in 2008 at 7.2 million.


frida kahlo subasta


Two Nudes in a Forest was painted in 1939, after the Mexican painter performed two solo exhibitions in New York and Paris, the year in which she showed the greatest mastery of her work, it only measures 30 cm wide by 25 long, and is considered one of the most personal paintings of Kahlo, it’s painted on metal and was recently exhibited in the New York Botanical Garden last year.


Frida Kahlo has about 400 works, including 255 drawings, watercolors and votive offerings, and the interest of collectors for her work is because there are not many of them on the market, besides of the 145 paintings she made, half of them are in museums and collections of Mexico, and they can´t be sold outside the country, since in 1984 the collection of the artist was declared Artistic Heritage of the nation.


The Mexican painter has achieved a lot of international fame, especially after the 70´s when feminists in Germany and the United States projected her as an icon of their movement, because of her great strength as a woman.


Frida Kahlo is a Mexican character of which there have been many exhibitions, published books, inspired fashion lines, filmed movies, produced dance and theater shows, and this greatly influences the reason why her works are so highly acclaimed in the world.


Kahlo’s most expensive painting on auction to date was “Roots”, which reached 5.6 million in 2006, and according to Helga Prignitz-Poda, a German researcher quoted in an article by Milenio, “this is a very fine painting, full of symbolic appeal, and is one of the most interesting works of Kahlo for some mystical reason, it´s very enigmatic and mysterious with various interpretations.”


It is noteworthy that before the auction, the painting had been requested on loan from the Philadelphia Museum of Art for the exhibition “Paint the revolution: Mexican Modernism 1910-1950”, which will be inaugurated in October 2016, and will later reach the Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City in 2017, two opportunites to admire this valuable painting.