Now you will be able to enjoy your favorite chocolate without guilt

By Valeria Bigurra Saturday, December 3, 2016 comments

Company creates technology to reduce sugar in its products


Nestlé announced a few days ago that its factories will now have a new technology that has the ability to reduce sugar by up to 40% in some of its products.




Thanks to its researchers, the processed food company discovered how to use only natural ingredients to change the structure of sugar at a molecular level, which will lower sugar levels without affecting the taste of the product.


The process consists in hollowing out the sugar crystals, whereby each particle will dissolve faster in the tongue, so that it will be necessary to use this element in smaller amounts inside the chocolate.




Currently, the world is suffering from an important obesity epidemic, so this news is a good thing, since it could help reduce the consumption of sugar globally, and consequently reduce the social pressure that exists on manufacturers of this type of food presently.


With this discovery Nestlé products will now have less sugar, less grease and less salt for 2018, when the technology is expected to be 100% operational.


Like Nestlé, other companies have also begun working on ways to reduce the amount of harmful ingredients in their products without affecting the taste of them, and to create products that are healthier.