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Food in Jalisco is truly delicious… Give it a go and try it!

Visiting Jalisco implies standing amid a marvelous place! You’ll see from urban and contemporary buildings in the middle of a hectic and busy city, while also (in the same place!) charming and cute towns that preserve millenary traditions. Today, we’ll focus our Jalisco trip on food! And before we get down to business, I’d like to let you in on a secret: Unlike typical culinary delights from the Yucatan PeninsulaJalisco’s traditional cuisinefeatures an exquisite array of meat-based dishes, which are to die for! I personally love them all!

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Let’s begin with the tortas ahogadas. This is a typical dish of the state, and even though it looks quite simple, the beauty of it will be seen when you take the first bite! They say the secret behind these delicious treats is in the bread, but let me tell you what a torta ahogada is: it’s similar to a baguette (only smaller, and not crunchy) filled with pork; a tomato and arbolchili sauce is poured all over it, meaning that the beef and bread are completely soaked in the salsa! It’s served inside a plastic bag (everywhere!) and there are several ways you can eat it!

Moving on to the pozole rojo, which is a stew very typical and authentic of Mexico! The one made in Jalisco is dark red, because the salsa is based with guajillo chili and tomato, which gives it that strong color. The stew has maize and meat (pork or chicken), and is accompanied with freshly chopped oregano, onion, radish, onion, lettuce and tostadas! It tastes delicious, which means you cannot miss out on it during your visit to Jalisco.

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Let’s now mention something that I personally love, which is very traditional of Jalisco and also the north of the nation… I’m speaking of birria de chivo, which can be served in tacos or in a stew. It consists of shredded lamb, bathed with a special sauce made with (again!) tomato, guajillo chili and other spices! I promise you will sense so much on your first bite, you’ll go crazy! An explosion of tastes creating a party in your palate will certainly make you fall in love with this exquisite typical dish! My suggestion is you get up early because there is no better place to get birria tacos than in local flea markets, but before 11 am!

Last but not least (or less delicious) are tostadas de pata, which is a tostada with pig’s hocks made in a very artisanal way. They may not look so pleasant to the naked eye, but are definitely worth trying!

Jalisco’s traditional cuisine dates back to pre-Hispanic times; and survived 300 years of the Viceroyship! It blended with Spanish cuisine in the 16th Century after mixing food habits between indigenous communities and European.

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