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Mexican cuisine.

Family bonding can be created practically anywhere and the kitchen! It’s the soul of the home; it’s one of those places that reunite families, especially when it comes to delicious homemade meals prepared by grandma, aunt or mom. It is them who are always leaving their love in the kitchen and pass their much cherished recipes from generation to generation.

That is exactly what happens with Mexican cuisine, where the gastronomic legacy of the country has been passed on from woman to woman, from mother to daughter, from aunt to niece or from grandmother to granddaughter… In some cases even without a recipe! The secret to Mexico’s gastronomy is sometimes as simple as learning the whole process from the person preparing the dish, and adding that special touch of TLC.

mexican cuisine

It is not an easy task, given than Mexican cuisine is complex and some dishes include many ingredients, several techniques and procedures, and to think that there is nothing written, and it’s all just the tradition and gastronomic heritage that has shaped the greatness of Mexico’s gastronomy.

That is the reason why Mexico’s Traditional Gastronomy, was included in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO in 2010.

Mexican cuisine goes beyond the fact of preparing food to satisfy a need; it is a way of transmitting ancient techniques, using native and special ingredients from every single region, giving food a truly unique flavor.

Mexico the Cookbook Mexican gastronomy

It is important to note that in Mexico there is a wide range of cuisines, which is just how renowned Chef Margarita Carrillo Arronte mentions it should be called. Mexican gastronomy is not just one; it varies in flavor and ingredients depending on the region. Chef Carrillo took on the great task of gathering more than 600 recipes from her country in her recent book, Mexico: The Cookbook.

Margarita Carrillo has mentioned that, in most cases, Mexican cuisine is taken out of the country by foreigners and presented with very different taste from the original flavors; that is why this beautiful recipe book takes us on a journey through the traditional, street and festive dishes of the extensive and delicious Mexican gastronomy.