A taste Mexico with its fascinating and unique drinks.

By Notimex Friday, June 22, 2018 comments

Speaking of fascinating traditions and customs in Mexico, there is one thing in particular that will make your senses go wild… Today let me proudly introduce you three of the most typical drinks, 100% authentic of MexicoTequilaMezcal and Pulque. These come from pre-Hispanic times, and were originally used in sacred ceremonies, reason why the only ones who had the privilege of drinking them were authority figures and priests. Back in those days, rumors had it that once these beverages were taken, they’d reach a state of trance and therefore connect directly with the gods…

Tequilapulque and mezcal come from the maguey plant, of which there are more than 100 varieties, and of course the process of fermentation of each one of them is totally different from the other.

Now join me while we take a quick and delicious culinary journey across Mexico’s traditional drinks:

pulque mexico

Popularly known as “the drink of the gods”, Pulque is the product of the fermentation process of mead, which is extracted by scraping the maguey. After the Spaniards’ arrival, pulque was gradually displaced; however its elaboration tradition has prevailed through time. Until a few years ago pulque was a traditional beverage among the working class; however -especially in the city of Mexico-, its consumption has currently become popular among all society sectors! Everyone LOVES a nice shot of pulque after a long day at work, or even just for a night out with the gals –or lads!-; as a matter of fact you can find “pulquerias” scattered across Mexico, which is the place where they sell only pulque. Now, this is the ideal spot to enjoy this drink, whether in its natural version or “curado“, which means it’s obtained from the mixture of pulque and natural fruit juice, oat flour or some extravagant combinations like tomato, prickly pear or celery.

tequila mexico

Another 100% Mexican drink is the famous and emblematic tequila! You simply cannot visit Mexico without having a shot of it! Of pre-Hispanic origin –as afore mentioned-, its preparation process was altered after the Colonial era. It was then distilled and aged differently, turning it into the drink we know today: An icon of Mexico’s culture, supported with certificate of origin and worldwide famous. Although tequila is served in the whole of Mexico, the State of Jalisco is the right place to live a 100% Tequila experience. Thanks to the national cinema legends as Pedro Infante and all the “rancheras” films, tequila is today known as the drink the “Mexican macho“, only for the brave ones, due to its strong taste and the alcohol degrees that it contains (between 35 and 40). Through time -and because of its internationalization-, different mixtures of the beverage have risen and acquired popularity, resulting in different cocktails, being the most sought out one “the margarita”.

mezcal mexico

And last but not least, and just as the saying goes, “para todo mal, mezcal y para todo bien… también“, meaning “for good and bad nothing like mezcal”, another drink of great tradition in our country without a doubt, whose flavor is even stronger than tequila. The State of Oaxaca is the perfect place to enjoy this drink, even though mezcal can be found in any other part of the country. Mezcal has been slowly gaining popularity and its consumption is growing, since it has a very peculiar flavor: when is sipped for the first time, it feels strong and rough-tasting in the throat, but generates contrasts as you pass the drink down, going from a somewhat smoky flavor to a sweet and soft touch of spirit. It can be taken on its own, accompanied by a slice of lime or lemon with traditional (maguey) salt, or you can enjoy it in a cocktail with the fruit of your choice.