Germany is Mexico’s largest trading partner in the European Union

By Valeria Bigurra Wednesday, June 8, 2016 comments


German companies in the country see the great economic potential it has.


From June 15 to 19 the Expo “Made in Germany” will be held in Mexico City, as part of the Dual year held between Mexico and Germany.


mexicoalemaniaOriginal Image, source: Offcial Facebook page of Expo Hecho en Alemania


Viktor Eibling, German Ambassador in Mexico, said, quoted in an article in El Universal, Mexico is one of the best countries to invest in Latin America, because at least seven out of 10 German companies in the country rely largely on the national economy.


The diplomat noted that during the current federal administration 15 billion dollars have been invested in Mexico by 700 thousand German companies and most of these companies are looking to expand their businesses in the country.


Mexico is an important partner for Germany, and companies have decided for it in a very strategic way, so the country became the first commercial partner of Germany over Brazil in Latin America, according to the Diplomat.


mexicoalemania2Original Image, source: Offcial Facebook page of Expo Hecho en Alemania


Thomas Karig, president of the Mexican-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Camexa) and Vice President of Corporate Relations at Volkswagen, said that relations between the two countries live a dynamism that has never been seen before, time that is reflected in the number of companies affiliated with the organization.


Finally it is important to mention that the Expo “Made in Germany” represents an opportunity to share with Mexican sustainable and innovative solutions for industries of all kinds, with which people will be able to observe the progress and get a perspective of what the Dual year means for both countries and how it will benefit them.