Going to Europe? Don´t forget to recover your taxes

By Eliot Bullman Wednesday, May 3, 2017 comments

recupera tus impuestos 1

Besides the pleasure of visiting amazing places in Europe, you can obtain economic benefits; although the process may sound cumbersome, the VAT refund for tourists is much simpler than most people think.


recupera tus impuestos 1


If you plan to go abroad, remember that you can always recover part of your expenses by asking the country visited for the return of taxes paid for consumer goods.



This tool is underused all over the world, because of ignorance and the unfounded fear of being a tedious process.



Each country may have its own requirements, but the basic principle to get your VAT refunded, is to have the receipts. Refunding VAT to tourists is much simpler than many people consider.


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In the case of the European Union (EU), where its tax system is very similar to that of Mexico, provided that you are organized you will have no problem.



In Europe the system is very effective and it is safe, it is not a question of deceiving anyone. You arrive with your merchandise, show your tickets, fill a series of data and ready.



In Europe the system is very effective. You arrive with your merchandise, fill out a series of data and ready.


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Before making a purchase, notify the store to inform you if they are under a tax refund program, then you simply have to prove that you are a tourist by presenting your passport, and sometimes your plane tickets, and the agreement with the Union of Customs and Taxation of the EU.



In this office you will be given the value of the tax once you present the same documents as in the store.