Good harvest for the food industry

By Notimex Wednesday, February 22, 2017 comments


In Mexico, the agro-livestock sector firms not only serve a growing internal market, they also position the country as one of the most important food suppliers around the world.


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Avocado, vanilla, cocoa, nopal cactus, amaranth, dahlia and agave are just some of the 200 crop varieties native to Mexico, crops that have composed the foundation of the rich culinary culture of the country.



In the past few years, Mexico has placed itself as the third producer of processed foods in the Americas and second supplier to the United States. At present, Mexico is the first producer of avocado and concentrated juice of citrus fruit in the world.


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By 2020, the consumption of processed foods in Mexico is expected to reach US$209 billion. The categories with the highest sales in the domestic market are bakery wares, dairy produce, and confectionery.



The main destinations of processed foods are the United States, followed by Japan, Canada and Hong Kong. The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (Sagarpa), José Calzada Rovirosa, said that during the first quarter of 2016 agri-food exports rose 6.6% on an annual basis, to reach US$7.5 billion. As a result, a historic surplus in the trade balance was registered in excess of US$1.5 billion as well as an agri-food commercial flow with more than 150 destinations.




The Mexican government predicts that this dynamism of the agri-food exporting sector of Mexico will go on, following the signing of agreements with the government of China for trading Mexican foods, and after the business visits and exchanges with Middle East countries and Asia, as well as South Korea.



Mexico’s production capacity, agriculture and livestock resources and raw materials availability, as well as its capabilities to serve as an export platform for over 40 countries with which it holds trade agreements are the keys to growth for its agri-food industry.


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