GoPro introduces Karma, its first drone

By Valeria Bigurra Wednesday, September 21, 2016 comments

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This will allow recording over 4 kilometers high


Yesterday GoPro introduced their new products, 2 action cameras, the Hero 5 Black and Hero 5 Session, which offer a number of new features -among which is the management by voice commands-, and Karma, its first drone.




The Black Hero 5 will feature a 2 inches touch screen and the ability to record in 4K resolution at 30 frames per second, and also will allow taking pictures with its 12-megapixel sensor. As we mentioned previously it has voice controls that allow the user to control the camera with words. Finally, you can dip it in the water without housing up to 10 meters, and it will cost US $ 399.


On the other hand, the Hero 5 Session, will not have a display, but is also capable of recording 4K video and 30 frames per second as well as obtain images of 10 megapixels. It will also feature voice commands and will cost US $ 299.




However, these releases were not the real surprise, since the company introduced its first drone, “Karma”, compact and foldable, which allows users to carry it to any activity in their backpack. It is designed to get the best possible images.


Karma will connect to a mobile application, via WiFi, and its use is extremely friendly with the users, so it will be extremely easy to drive. Another interesting factor of this device is that the stabilizer is removable to be used as a handheld camera, giving the user the ability to generate stable images, which will undoubtedly give the perfect touch to their video.




Finally it was reported that Karma will feature a rechargeable battery that allows 20 minutes of flying at a speed of 56 kilometers per hour. It can fly at a maximum altitude of 4,500 meters and can be controlled at a maximum distance of 1,000 meters.


This drone is compatible with GoPro media system and will cost US $ 799 without a camera, US $ 999 with camera and $ 1099 if we include the Hero 5 Black; the basic package also includes a backpack, a singlestick called Karma Grip and a Detachable image stabilizer.




It will be available from October 23, while the cameras will reach the GoPro web site from October 2.